wet bee diary

Friday, August 08, 2003
Oh, the URL for this blog does work. I have three bees on my chest of drawers, all of the bumble sort. One is in a small blue box - my scientist brother gave me that. One is in some big seed husks that me and my lovely wife pulled off a tree in Morocco. The bee is english though. The other is chalky and is in a translucent box. It's chalky because I found it on the pavement round the corner from our house in south east London, while I was on my way to work in a doctors' surgery, but I didn't have anything to keep it in apart from a bottle of melatonin. So i put it in there and it got dusty from all the tablets. They're supposed to put you to sleep and set your sleeping pattern into a natural rhythm - I hope they give that little dead bee a nice slumber.

Oh I can remember an excellent bee story... someone I was talking to recently - I think they might have been Scottish - was telling me about a family holiday they'd been on as a child... someone in their family got stung by a bee, and they saw loads of other bees flying around. They got angry with whatever beekeeper had let his bees out to sting a nice holiday-making family, then they saw some guy in full beekeeping kit galloping towards them shouting "come back you bees!". They couldn't be angry with him because this was so ridiculous.

I have bees galore. I have bee stories galore. But a) the normal url for this blog doesn't seem to work b) I have no time, what with my "high powered media career" to update it, and c) nothing else.