wet bee diary

Thursday, June 26, 2003
We have bumble bees living under our front doorstep. I like to see them in the morning. Our cat Missy (or Nounou) chases most insects, but she respects the bees.

I got emailed a story from a rave dance music person in Glasgow, Scotland:

Jun 25 2003

Bee experts in Missouri have been working around the clock on the "miserable job" of getting millions of bees back in their hives after they were freed by a traffic accident.

A lorry carrying 520 hives to Wisconsin crashed near Claycomo town, spilling broken hives across the road. The driver was stung repeatedly, as were police, firefighters and tow truck operators who arrived at the scene.

Rheuben Johnson was among those hired to get the bees back in their hives.

"It is just the most miserable job you can dream of," he said. "You get them in a box any way you can. And they are unhappy. If they get you around the eyes, it really hurts."