wet bee diary

Saturday, June 21, 2003
I just got this email:


I'm writing from Indiana in the U.S.A. and I'd like to report that I found a
dead bee in the middle of the floor in a little room upstairs I use for a
sanctuary of sorts.
It seemed very odd to me, and a bit disconcerting to find this little
bee-corpse there. I've no idea how it got in. At first I was thinking that
maybe we
have bees in the walls, but then I realized it could have flown in from
downstairs when the door was opened or something. And then the poor thing flew
upstairs and died...

We actually did have bees in a wall in a house I lived in when I was little.
That was in Miami, Florida. I have vivid memories of eating at the kitchen
table and my father waving a fly swatter at the bees.

I certainly enjoy the wet bee diary.
Best regards,