wet bee diary

Saturday, March 22, 2003
oh this is getting silly. Buzz! Bark! Bark buzz! Buzzark!

This is definitely the gayest beedog I've seen so far.

Well I suppose if you look hard enough, eventually you will actually find a person dressed as a bee, riding a dog. I shouldn't be surprised by now, but I still find this deeply, deeply odd.

hahaha - dogs are taking over this blog! here are some snacks for dogs, described as "Barks mores - 5 honey flavored sandwich biscuits filled with meringue and carob, in ribbon tied bee print cellophane bag." Fucking americans.

Wow, this dog-dressed-as-bee thing is more popular than i thought...

I like this dog - it looks stupid.

Dog! Bee! Dog chase bee! Hopefully bee will sting dog.

I am a member of a really quite marvellous file-swapping site, mostly populated by Glaswegians. Someone from that site just sent me this:

"You want a bee story? Ok, I was was quite ambivilent towards bees for years as I had never been stung and was often to be found as a kid with a Baker* in my hand. Anyway in this story I'm 24 and work the breakfast shift in the Thistle Street Sandwich Bar, it's 6.15 in November and I'm waiting for the bus on Gorgie Road. I feel something fall down the neck of my jacket, you guessed it a bee! The fucker stung me at the bus stop with other tired and grumpy people looking at me like I'm having a fit cos something has stung me in the back of the neck. because I had never been stung before and due to the proximity to my spinal cord I awaited anaphlactic shock. Ok it never came, but bees and me parted company on that fatefull morn. *Bakers are the kindly bumble bees with honey coloured bums that have no stingers."

It's a beekeeping dog!

Friday, March 21, 2003
My lovely wife just found this...

Thursday, March 20, 2003
On the popbitch messageboard, people are always going "zzzz" to one another's posts to prove what ennui-ridden decadent media whores they are. Today though, someon posted "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" apropos of absolutely nothing, and, well...

punkgirl, 14:29 20/3, Reply

Early in the year for a bee!
asterix, 14:30 20/3, Reply

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
From the Darwin Awards, about people who have met stupid ends:

(23 September 2002, Brazil) A farm keeper from São Paulo decided to remove a beehive from his orange tree. He didn't know exactly how to proceed, but he knew the hive should be burned, and he knew bees sting. So he protected his head with a plastic bag sealed tightly around his neck, grabbed a torch, and went off to fight the bees.
His worried wife went to look for him a few hours later, and found him dead. However, it wasn't the bees that killed him. The plastic bag had protected him from smoke, stingers, and... oxygen! He had forgotten to put breathing holes in the bag.