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Friday, January 31, 2003
A coincidence. A small one but a coincidence nonetheless: my wife didn't know I was restarting this blog after a long break, but simultaneously that I was posting that Radio 4 thing (below), she celebrated the fact that she is going to posh Nobu restaurant by typing thusly on our favourite messageboard:

N to the O tothe BEE
to the U.
by moggy (Member 31309) on 31-Jan-03

BBC Radio 4 has a new series called The Bee Inspector starting this sunday at 14.45 GMT. I am excited.

They say:

"Who do you call when your bees stop buzzing or the honey goes off? Why, the Bee Inspector of course.

"He may be the man from the Ministry, but David Kemp is the saviour of many a bee-keeper. What's more he's full of fascinating facts about these extraordinary little creatures and how they live. But does he get stung often?"

then they show some hives: