wet bee diary

Thursday, April 25, 2002
I must hurry - it's the advert break in the Simpsons. Bart was just asking for Grandpa's advice - he asked him if he ever had a crush on an older woman. "I had a crush on the OLDEST woman" replied Grandpa. "120 years old she was... but she fell in with that Guinness Book Of Records crew, never had any time for me after that. Darn it, I wore a 15lb beard of bees for that woman." And he pulled a photo from his pocket showing his bee-beard. It was great.

this is a stinger

and this is a sting

today is peurile day, I think
a joke:

Q. What kind of bees make milk?


And oh my goodness, here's a bee's cock!

Male genitalia of B. ruderarius
from the dorsal (left) and
ventral (right) aspects.

Monday, April 22, 2002
Here's someone's doodles of bees' knees:

I saw a honey bee today. It was buzzing insistently round a tiny pine tree in someone's front garden. No flowers there. Silly bugger.