wet bee diary

Saturday, April 20, 2002
I have seen lots of bumble bees now this year, though only one honey bee. A particularly memorable bumble bee flew over me at East Dulwich station last week then spiralled off upwards above the railway embankment; I imagined being it, and suddenly was able to see the 3-dimensional topography of the embankment and the tyre yards and scrubland around it far more clearly as I imagined moving through space above the area.

I saw the biggest bee I've ever seen today as I was walking from my house into Brighton to have honey and lemon crepes for breakfast from the wonderful new cheap organic pancake stall next to Klik Klik Whirly Beep Beep (a record shop) in the North Laine area. I was just walking past the back garden of the Hobgoblin pub with my somewhat gothic flatmate and his girlfriend, who has influenced him in looking a bit smarter and dying his silly pink hair black again. The bumble bee was easily an inch long, but I didn't get a proper look at it because it flew very fast up through the Hobgoblin garden and over the roofs toward St Peters church. I'm certain it was a bumble bee and not a hornet or something, because it was distinctly round and hairy.

My lovely girlfriend, now fiancée, saw two bees the day before yesterday. One buzzed up and circled in front of her face a couple of times, then a few paces later she saw what appeared to be a dead one on the pavement. She thought of me and felt a little sad for the bee.

I saw some 'poppers' or butyl nitrate, which is sold in punky clothes shops as "room odourizer", today. It was called 'buzz' and had a picture of a big bee on it. I didn't buy it though.