wet bee diary

Saturday, April 13, 2002
My excellent friend Lee who is a great artist has designed some superb invites for my wedding, in which my fiancee and I are represented by a cat and a bee respectively. I will post it here as soon as I can be bothered to host it on the web. That doesn't mean you're necessarily invited to my wedding, mind!

There's a man with a Bee beard in the newspaper today. On the programme "Home Truths" on the radio this morning, which is where people write in with little details of their lives, there was a story about a beekeeper who gave his friend a whole hive of bees, wrapped in polythene so they couldn't escape. They put it in a car and went to the shops. When they got back the bees had escaped the polythene and filled the car. Fortunately the man had his beekeeper hat in the boot, and he put it on and drove home, where he took the hive out. While he was driving he scared many drivers with the sight of a hooded man in a bee-filled car.