wet bee diary

Monday, January 28, 2002
Someone called, variously, Mr Stu Pitaus and Johnny Dishes just told me this story on Yahoo messenger...

johnnydishes: my mother
johnnydishes: has a father
johnnydishes: he had brothers
johnnydishes: one of those brothers
johnnydishes: was a bee farmer
muggsdemon: an apiarist
johnnydishes: is that what a bee farmer is?
muggsdemon: yes
johnnydishes: sweet
johnnydishes: so this was back in the day a bit
muggsdemon: aye
johnnydishes: so
johnnydishes: hes an apiarist
johnnydishes: and
johnnydishes: he loved his bees
johnnydishes: and his bees loved him
muggsdemon: all good
johnnydishes: all good
johnnydishes: he would have bees on him
johnnydishes: and they would journey with him throughout his daily activities
johnnydishes: he would keep one on his shoulder and pet it
johnnydishes: with a finger of course
johnnydishes: sweet isnt it
johnnydishes: well
johnnydishes: life was grand
johnnydishes: until one day
johnnydishes: an accident happened on the farm
johnnydishes: he was doing some sort of farm chore
muggsdemon: eep!
johnnydishes: and a horse got freaked out
johnnydishes: not sure whos farm or whos horse
johnnydishes: but
johnnydishes: the apiarist
johnnydishes: was killed by a kick to the head
johnnydishes: by the horses back hoof
johnnydishes: tragic
muggsdemon: oh dear
johnnydishes: yah
johnnydishes: sad
johnnydishes: but
johnnydishes: the day of the funeral
muggsdemon: mmm
johnnydishes: nobody could read the tombstone
johnnydishes: or see it
johnnydishes: cause all of his
johnnydishes: bees
muggsdemon: no!
muggsdemon: crikey
johnnydishes: had gathered on to it
johnnydishes: my mom has the photo