wet bee diary

Sunday, September 30, 2001
I have in my mind memories of all the bee-related happenings that were recorded in my little pocket book, and come daylight hours I will be able to access several of them, so this site will be OK.

OK, I must apologise to everyone who has been waiting with baited breath for a new bee post. Uncharacteristically for me, there has been a lot of busyness going on, and I have been more concerned with the flesh and blood world than with the E-tastic Weird Wired World. Tonight I had to take a schizopheric person home and talk her down, and then deal with a lads' card game for the first time, with concurrent secreting of cards. On the way home I realised my wallet was missing, so I ran back to the venue of the lads' card game, where my wallet was returned complete with cash. Upon getting home I discovered that my little pocket book, in which I had been keeping notes of all bee related happenings, was missing. I don't think I took it out with me this evening, I don't know. That's all.