wet bee diary

Thursday, July 26, 2001
By the use of the incredible Audiogalaxy I have downloaded some fantastic songs that involve bees. Me And The Bees by The Softies is a very cute wafty drippy indie acoustic ballad. Another Set Of Bees In The Museum by Olivia Tremor Control is quite mad fuzzy but lush lo-fi melodic stuff, a bit like the stranger and rockier late Beatles songs. Green Velvet is one of my favourite techno producers, so it was nice to see that he has done a track called Killer Bees, and even nicer to find out that it's one of his finest ever - really disorientating with (of course) lots of aggressive buzzing sounds zooming accross the stereo field. Thank God For The Worker Bees by Botch is great hardcore / metal, really grindy with crazy timing and a lot of the singer screaming "That's whyyyy we diiiie, destrooooy, destrooooy!!". The Bees by Belly is classic well-produced US indie stuff, but doesn't seem to have any reference to bees in the lyrics; there is a bit of a buzzing guitar sound in the choruses though.

"Vicci stung by bee" (written late at night, and drunk)

"At nursery school when I was aboot 5. I picked up a perpol South African flower called a Jackerander. As I looked inside the flower, the second I realised there was a bee in it, the buger stung me + I felt guilty for desterbing it, and sore."

Tuesday, July 24, 2001
My lovely girlfriend gave me a matchbox from the trendy Social bar in central London, and it has blurry bees on their honeycomb printed all over it.

Someone called Bigmum just sent me this...

Which is superb, as graffiti is one of my favourite things after bees.