wet bee diary

Thursday, May 31, 2001
I have a bee!! It is a bumblebee, and it is in a matchbox. It was given to me by someone called Lee, so I shall call it Lee Bee. If it turns out that bumblebees are predominantly female like honeybees, that's ok: I shall just call it Leigh Bee.

there's a new band with a new single and they're called...
The Bees 'Punchbag' (We Love You) "Although Punchbag isn't the strongest song on their upcoming album, it does have an interesting Stax-meets-Steely Dan feel with the combination of horns, Hammond and sparse drums giving it more warmth than the main lyric of 'You use me like a punchbag' would usually convey when used in conversation. But enough of that. Check the B-side, 'A Minha Menina'; this little baby is more Jonathan Richman-meets-The Beatles-somewhere-in-the-middle-of-the-Portuguese-language, with unbeatable Summertime Special results. One to be played loud in the motor but not when doing complicated things. Which for some of you will mean simply when driving."