wet bee diary

Tuesday, May 15, 2001
Bollocks. I've just missed a whole beefest in Barcelona....

Around Town

Sant Ponç

For one, all-too-brief day each year, this charming market fills C/ Hospital in commemoration of Sant Ponç, the patron saint of beekeepers and herbalists. Hundreds of stalls sell all kinds of natural products from the surrounding countryside, including honey straight from the barrel, bunches of fresh and dried herbs, candied fruit, sweet wine, perfumes and candles. The street, beginning at the Rambla, is filled all day with sweet smells and the incessant buzz of eager buyers.

11 May, 10am-8pm, C/Hospital (no phone). Metro Liceu.

Monday, May 14, 2001
Are you used to reading backwards yet? Don't worry if not - if you were a honeybee you'd have to learn to read anticlockwise, and that would be really difficult, considering your brain would be well under half a centimetre across.

At this point, there should be "shout outs" made in a Pirate Radio fashion to bee contributors: The New Scientist; Emma No Future; MD and Varg Vikenes; The man like Fela K; The (kind of) lady like Moggy; The mad scientist like my brother; your mum...

Good bee magic! This weekend someone that I like came to visit. It turns out she likes me too so she spent the night. When we awoke the next day, a honeybee came through the window, flew around our heads, then flew back out of the window.